About Us

We work with ISPs to resource and manage, fibre network build and maintenance projects. As well as assisting developers to optimise internet services on their projects.

We have been working with UK businesses for over 10 years from many different angles, always with the aim of providing optimal, cost-effective network solutions.

During our time in the industry, we have often felt that businesses do not get the high-quality service they deserve, and the networks they rely on are not always built to the highest standards. It was for these reasons that Spectralight was founded; simply to offer a better solution.

This is why quality is at the heart of everything we do, and it is why we’re striving to become an industry leader in fiber network build and maintenance.

Our Impact

Our Values

Our values are what we believe set us apart from the rest.

We strive to bring these values to all our customers and into every situation we face, no matter how complex!

  • Passion

    We bring our passion for problem solving to where it’s needed most.

  • Quality

    We build things right first time, greatly reducing future maintenance costs.

  • Integrity

    We are the bridge between our customers are the network – Trust is everything.

Meet the Team

Lewis Nuttall


Starting out as an apprentice at Openreach in 2012, Lewis has worked through every level of the industry. He worked at 4 major ISPs in London, before fulfilling his ambition in 2020 to start his own company with some of the amazing talent he’d met along the way.

It is his vision to make Spectralight an industry leader in the fibre network build and maintenance field.

lewis nuttall
David Russell

Network Maintenance Operations Manager

David also began his journey at Openreach and Hyperoptic, before moving on to play a key role at G.Network, setting up and managing their backbone department. He then moved to Community Fibre seeking a new challenge, where he worked as a project manager, overseeing the build of London’s largest full-fibre network and managing migrations of critical network infrastructure.

david russell
Sajeev Thomas

Network Build Operations Manager

After completing his communication technology studies in New Zealand, Sajeev came to the UK and joined an exciting start-up ISP in London; it was here that he met David and Lewis.

He worked his way from engineer to head of training and development in a 2-years, gaining vast technical knowledge and experience.

sajeev thomas

Our Partners

Relationships that are built on reliability, trust, and integrity.

We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with all our partners – We only succeed if you succeed.

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If you think we can help your business, please book a consultation via our simple booking form. We are always happy to have a chat!